At Racham Wilbeth School, we believe in unlocking the potential within each child.

Nursery & Pre-Kindergarten

In our Nursery & Pre-Kinder Program, children engage in age-appropriate activities that foster social skills, emotional development, and early cognitive abilities. Our dedicated educators create a supportive atmosphere where curiosity is encouraged, and each child's unique strengths are celebrated.

In addition to our focus on social skills, emotional development, and early cognitive abilities, our Nursery & Pre-Kinder Program offers a well-rounded approach to early childhood education. Through a blend of structured activities and free play, children are provided with opportunities to explore various interests and learn through hands-on experiences.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to encompass diverse areas of development, including language and literacy, numeracy, creative expression, and physical development. Language-rich environments are fostered to support language acquisition and communication skills, while storytelling, music, and arts and crafts activities ignite creativity and self-expression.

Our dedicated educators work closely with families to understand each child's individual strengths, interests, and developmental needs, ensuring that every child receives personalized support and guidance on their learning journey.


In our Kindergarten Program, we offer an innovative initiative called KIDPRENEUR, where young minds are empowered to become budding entrepreneurs, igniting their creativity and teaching them invaluable skills in turning their ideas into reality.

Through KIDPRENEUR, children are introduced to the exciting world of entrepreneurship in age-appropriate ways. They engage in activities designed to spark their entrepreneurial spirit, such as brainstorming business ideas, creating simple business plans, and even participating in mock marketplaces where they can buy, sell, and trade goods or services.

Our goal with KIDPRENEUR is not only to foster an entrepreneurial mindset but also to develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. Children learn to think creatively, identify opportunities, and take calculated risks—all while developing a strong sense of initiative and resilience.

Early Childhood Music Playgroup

A special program designed to introduce young children to the joy and wonder of music in a fun and interactive way. Our playgroup provides a nurturing environment where children can explore, experiment, and develop a lifelong love for music.

We can't wait to welcome you and your family!

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