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Our Philosophy and Purpose

Here at Racham Wilbeth School, our commitment is to cultivate a nurturing Christian atmosphere for your child. Our objective is to lay a firm foundation rooted in the teachings of the Bible while fostering the development of their self-worth. We firmly uphold the belief that each child is uniquely valuable in the eyes of God, and this conviction permeates every aspect of our approach. Our focus is dedicated to instilling a deep understanding of God’s love and the marvels of His creation, tailored to your child’s level of comprehension. Our aim is to cultivate empathy among the children, fostering a compassionate connection with one another and with all of God’s creations. We impart not only a love for Christ, self, and others but also a passion for learning that extends far beyond the classroom, lasting a lifetime.


Our vision at Racham Wilbeth School Inc. is to provide an excellent and holistic education that nurtures the hearts and minds of our students, prepares them for the challenges of the future, and inspires them to make a positive impact in their communities and the world.


Our mission is to shape young minds to their fullest potential, guiding them to appreciate and prioritize the world around them, while instilling accessible Christian values that are inclusive for all.

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Nursery & Pre-Kinder

In our Nursery & Pre-Kinder Program, children engage in age-appropriate activities that foster social skills, emotional development, and early cognitive abilities. Our dedicated educators create a supportive atmosphere where curiosity is encouraged, and each child's unique strengths are celebrated.


In this unique program, we combine the academic standards set by the Department of Education (DEPED) with the values and principles rooted in our Christian foundation. Our dedicated educators strive to create a harmonious learning experience that fosters not only cognitive development but also moral and spiritual growth.

Early Childhood Music Playgroup

Our after-school program in music offers a unique opportunity for children to explore their musical talents. From piano lessons to choir practice, our experienced instructors provide a supportive and engaging environment for your child to develop their musical skills.​


A curriculum based tool designed to unleash the potential each child has to create better opportunities for the future.

A “KIDPRENEUR” is a child empowered to bring ideas to life using curriculum-based tools designed to unleash the potential each child has to create better opportunities for the future. There are many studies reccomending that the environment you are exposed to during the early years of growing greatly effects how you perceive the world – and the kind of person you become heading into adult life. We have focused on further creating an enriching environment, through a curriculum-based participation, that encourages and nurtures the attributes of entrepreneurship in children.

Partnership with

“Racham Wilbeth School Inc. (RWSI) exceeded our expectations in every way. The dedicated educators at RWSI have a genuine passion for early childhood development, and it reflects in the positive and supportive learning environment they create. Our child has blossomed academically and socially, thanks to the well-rounded curriculum that encourages exploration and critical thinking. The communication between teachers and parents is excellent, fostering a strong partnership in our child’s educational journey. We are grateful for the enriching experience RWSI preschool has provided for our family.”

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Meroño Family

“The well-structured curriculum not only focuses on academic skills but also emphasizes important life skills such as teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving. Our child has grown both academically and socially, and we credit the supportive community at RWSI for this wonderful development. Choosing RWSI was one of the best decisions we made for our child’s early education.”

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